Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Golfing at the Okeechobee Country Club

It's a beautiful sunny day in South Florida. The temperature is around 82 degrees and we are all off to enjoy a day of golf with the many friends from The Big O RV Resort. It's hard to believe that it's November 27th and it's still so warm.
Our friends from left to right are: Barb, Bob, Linda, George, Carol, Jim, Zoe, Al, Dode, Mike, Gladys, Joe and Bill down in front. It's still early in the season and as the weeks go by there will be more fellow golfers joining us, we have a great time together. Such nice people. We are truly blessed.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday girl

Amity and Terry are congratulating Sandy on a very fine birthday party. Cheers, Sandy, you are now able to stay as young as Jack Benny and never gain another year. :)

Daddy giving Lily a golf lesson

Lily has her own golf bag it holds a 3 wood, a 7 iron and a putter. If she stays with this sport, I think she will be really good at it. She is just so much fun. Always happy and smiling.

An evening at St Jerome's Fall Festival

Daddy and Lily are waiting in line so Lily could go on one of the rides. She has absolutely fearless, when it comes to going on any of the rides. She is such a funny bunny. She really liked this ride, it was a small roller coaster and she just laughed and thought wow, let's go a little faster.

This ride was the helicopter. Up and down she went, not only once but she wanted to have another go at it.
The Bear Affair was another fun ride for her, as you can see she had to be at least 36 inches tall, she just made it on the measuring stick. Thank goodnessCute, huh!!!!

A week-end with Sandy, Mike, Lily, Amity and Luke.

Anthony's Pizza is located in Ft Lauderdale check out their web site
We all went to eat at Anthony's Pizza in Ft Lauderdale on Friday night.. Here are Amity, Sandy, (the birthday girl), Lily and Luke waiting for a table. The food was really delicious, we really enjoyed everything.

Backyard Wildlife

You have to look pretty close here, this is one of our smaller alligators, he comes up to our shoreline everyday and especially if we are cooking. Quite harmless at this size, however, I would not trust it when our dogs are out back, I watch them very closely, I always have my eye on the water if they go out back for a potty break. There is another one in the lake that is 3 times this size, not sure why they haven't pulled it out of here yet.
This is along our shoreline every day, I just love watching this bird, it's quite a fisherman. I thought I found this guy in my Sibley Guide to Birds, but then when I looked at it again, the neck was just not long enough. So, I have to keep searching and then I will upday this post.