Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sandy is in South Africa on one of her work trips. While there she got to visit a Lion park, these are some of the pictures she sent for us to enjoy. While posting this, I am watching Animal Planet on the television, it's on The Lion Park in Africa, I wonder if it's the same place. Just found out that the park is called, "Rino & Lion Nature Reserve" in Johannesburg, S Africa. Click on the site and take a look, it's really neat.

How cute is this!!!!.....I wonder how sharp those little baby teeth are.......
OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!Getting a little too friendly for my taste. No pun intended, Sandy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Auntie Amity and Little JT, III. Little JT, III, was born yesterday to JT, (Jeff) and Rachel Schroeder. JT, the daddy, is Amity's brother and she was so happy to be there for the birth of her first nephew. I think, if I have it right, Little JT is JT, III, because, Grandpa is JT, I, then daddy is II and now JT the third. Really cool. Congratulations, Rachel and JT, hoping to be in Tybee for Thanksgiving so we can then get a chance to do a little spoiln'.
Little JT and Daddy

Monday, September 10, 2007


Jeff is our nephew, he is an avid marathon runner. He has been all over the world running to raise money for research and a cure for AIDS. Jeff and his sister, Julie, (see her below) participated in a half marathon held at Disneyland, in California. While there, Jeff could not resist hamming it up with Snow White. Where are those seven dwarfs?.........Posted by Picasa


These are pictures of a Peacock Bass that I caught in Horseshoe Lake. Our motor home is parked on this lake at the Big O RV Park. What a beautiful fish, it's fun to catch because it's such a great fighter. We practice "Catch and Release" in this lake. The more fish in the lake the better it is for man and fish.
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This is my beautiful niece, Julie, along with her dog, Annie and Annie's mom. It looks like they are at a play day for doggies. How fun. Annie is the lighter colored dog. Julie lives in Oregon and has a BS degree in Medical Imaging from Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, OR. She has a great job and has bought her first home. We are so proud of her. With every new house you have to have a new dog, therefore, Annie a great looking Golden Retriever.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Mike really didn't take Lily for a ride on Jim's Yamaha V-Star Classic, they just thought they looked cool sitting on it. I haven't even been on it yet, but I am trying to get up enough nerve to do it. This bike seems much better for Jim, it's a little lighter and not so top heavy. He feels really confident on it but will remain very careful.
Mike did take Amity out for a ride but I think they just went for a ride around the park. It's fun. I will let you all know if it really is or not...............


What a fun day today. I just love going to the beach and I was able to talk Jim, Mike, Amity and Lily into going. I didn't have to really talk Lily or Amity into going just the 2 guys. Grrrrr........ Oh, it's too hot, ohhh, it's too sandy, ohhhh, it's too crowded. Well, believe me they had a great time, the water at the Ft Pierce Inlet State Park, was perfect, temp at 84 degrees and it was nice and sunny and not a lot people for a holiday week-end. We were very surprised. So we put up our little umbrella, spread out the blankets, opened the cooler, ate, drank and all was merry. Jim really had a relaxing afternoon, as well as all of us. When we returned back to Okeechobee, the skies opened up and we got a healthy rainfall.
My little cutie patuttie. She is such a tadpole. She has so much fun, we played in the sand and found some really nice shells, she said she would take them home and put them in her bedroom and when we come to visit I can see the shells then. That's cool.