Thursday, December 27, 2007

Having fun with Lily on Christmas Eve

We spent time at Sandy's house, we had the dogs there and Lily just loves playing with Amber. She was teaching her some tricks and was very proud of her accomplishments.

We spent time with Lily on Christmas Eve, she went shopping with us and we all went out to lunch and out to dinner the night before to our favorite restuarant, The Rustic Inn where you get to have a hammer to open up your crab legs. Then we gave her some early presents to open. She loves books and I love going to Barnes and Noble to look at all of the books there.

So, Papa sat down with her and read one of the books, I think it was the one about the pirates, it's a pop up so they had people walking the planks and all of that good stuff that pirates do. That evening we went over to Belinda and Kelly's, they were having a get together, it was very nice. The house was all lit up with lights and the Christmas tree was so pretty, decorated beautifully. All in all we had a very nice Christmas holiday. We thank all of the kids for making it so special.

Christmas Morning in Ft Lauderdale 2007

We met Mike and Amity for breakfast on the beach in Ft Lauderdale on Christmas morning. We first went to the Deck, sat down, asked for 4 Bloody Mary's, we were enjoying the view when the waiter came back and said he could not take our order at this time. He informed us that the kitchen shuts down from 11:30 to noon and no food would be served during that time frame. Well, we said ok, got up and went to the restuarant next door, it was quite fancy and thought, how much more could it be, well, let me tell you it was the most expensive breakfast we have ever had, those darn Bloody Mary's were good and all but OMG!! we each had 2 and that alone was $88. Can you believe it! Anyway, it was fine and the meal was good the view was to die for and the company was great. So, it was all good.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You've Been Blogged

A crowd of us went out to the Moose Lodge here in Okeechobee. Janet, Mike and Bill had a good time singing. Who knew???? We line-danced and had fun just doing our thing. Needless to say I could barley walk the next day but I guess that is just age catching up with me. Lots of aches and pains in the ol' hip-a-roo.

So, here we have part of the crowd, there is Zoe, Dotti, Linda, Ginny and Mike, line dancing and then there is ol' smoothy, Bill and Zoe. There really are more people there but my camera just didn't do such a good job in capturing everyone, or maybe it was the photographer. Anyway, it was a fun time.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A morning on the links.

We are getting ready to head off to the first hole. My little darling gearing up for a good morning on the green. Lily had to help Papa clean up after his bunker shot. Opps!!!

This looks like serious concentration going on here. I think Daddy and Lily have this green figured out. Yep, there she goes a perfect putt. Way to go Lily, Girls Rule!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chef Lily Kai wearing her reindeer apron and chef's hat

Little Ms. Goofy posing with her new Christmas apron and Chef's hat. Lily loves working in the kitchen, making cookies, cakes, mixing stuff up. It looks like she is enjoying helping Amity with the Thanksgiving dinner preparations. They enjoyed the holiday on Tybee Is, Ga. We were very sad that we missed it, but I came down sick and could not make the trip. There will be others.

Lily and her daddy are at the Dolphins stadium, it looks like they are having a really good time. I wonder how they got to go down there on the field............