Wednesday, April 30, 2008



What a great day. We had lunch with our good friends, Janet and Rudy Sparks. The four of us drove over to Venice, Fl mainly to see the sunset on the beach. This is our first stop though, we are on Venice Ave enjoying a great lunch outside this very nice eatery. Once done there, the guys drove over to an RV dealership to check out their motor/homes. While they did that Janet and I walked the Avenue, went in and out so many of the great stores there, we tried on dresses, went to an art gallery and just had a relaxing afternoon. I did buy one thing for our RV lot, picture below.

We drove down to the beach, it was really nice, there is a bar there called Sharkey's. It's the only one in town right on the gulf so you can imagine how busy it gets. We walked onto the fishing pier, watched the folks fish awhile, then the guys went up to the deck of the restaurant and Janet and I walked on the beach for a little while.

Now this is what we really came all the way over here for. It is so breathtaking, we stayed until the sun was totally over the horizon, the different colors it goes thru are just magnificent, I can't get enough pics of sunrises or sunsets. Enjoy!!!